Spine-Song Mindful Movement

Taught by David Seth Fink MLS


(647) 702-8017

David Seth Fink, MLS began his meditation training in 1978 at the age of 12, and his movement training at the age of 14. Originally trained as a dancer, he began teaching Pilates in 1987. In 2004 David completed Alison West's Yoga Union teacher training and then continued studying other forms of alignment based Yoga . David holds degrees in literature, dance history, and library science. He is  the author of the poetry collections Lateral Psalms, Inclusions and Matless. He was a consultant to Ellen Saltonstall on her Anatomy Teacher Training Manual. David works privately and in groups with students who have chronic physical and psychological challenges. His practice and teaching are influenced by the wide variety of movement education and healing modalities he has studied and experienced, his commitment to teaching as an act of present moment awareness, and his understanding of how embodied mindfulness dissipates harmful patterns held in the body, mind, heart and soul.

David has taught at David Barton Gym, World Gym, New York Sports Club, Balanced Body Center, Re:ab, SUNY Purchase, Revolution Studios, Rebok, Sports Club L.A., Synergy, Movements Afoot, Goodson-Parker Wellness Center, Temple University, Hariharalaya Retreat Centre and Peace Cafe. He has been featured in Metrosports magazine and the Phnom Penh Post.


David Fink is a movement educator with unusual skills. He has a strong knowledge of anatomy and uses that knowledge to decode body symptoms and unravel complex bio-mechanical problems. He also understands the connection between mind and body, which enables students to trust him as a guide in their own process of self-discovery.

Ellen Saltonstall, Co-author of Yoga for Arthritis & Yoga for Osteoporosis

David brings to his clients a profound knowledge and understanding of the body, both in terms of structure and function. What is unique though is his ability to share this knowledge with his clients in a manner that is immediately understood. Whenever a client has a physical complaint, he instantly zeroes in on the source and nature of the problem and starts to devise effective remedies.
David combines his unparalleled professional knowledge and work ethic with his own brand of warmth and sense of humor. He is always able to joke around and find a way to make the most tedious or strenuous of exercises fun and enjoyable. Along with this however, his greatest asset is his genuine kindhearted concern for all his clients. A session with David is better than ten psychotherapy sessions, for the client leaves enriched in mind, body and soul, balanced and with a calm sense of well-being.

Melvin R. Gilbert, MD

David Seth Fink changed my life. I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years, but David has helped me attain better alignment and greater strength. David's knowledge, intuition and hands-on approach have greatly enhanced my well-being. All that, and he's great fun to work with. Nowhere have I found a trainer who so instinctively understood my limitations and developed my potential.

Barbara Morris, Ph.D., Kripalu-certified yoga teacher

For me, David has been a miracle. I have been a professional dancer for 27 years and because of scoliosis and hypermobility have had many problems. David is the first person to educate me about the causes of the problems and corrections that I could make myself so that I do not continue to aggravate the situation. I have had on and off lower back pain for years due to scoliosis. When I came to David, I had gone through 2 years of chronic pain and nothing was helping. In working with David, I learned what I was doing wrong and how to correct the alignment of my spine so that I stopped hurting myself. This has felt like a miracle. Through a few simple understandings, I am no longer in pain! Hallelujah!

Jeremy Peterson, Ballroom Dance Teacher/Actress

David has been a wonderful discovery! I'd always been wary of pilates and yoga - mainly because they're really hard to do. Last year I had an injury, and through great good luck found David. It's been a revelation. David approaches each session based on how you are on that particular day so that you always work where you need it most. And believe me, it's really hard. But it's also really fun! I've never laughed so much doing exercises. No matter how I feel when I walk into a session with David I always leave feeling great physically, mentally and emotionally. It's the highlight of my week.

Maggie S., Massage Therapist/Former dancer

David Seth Fink has been a blessing to me. His work is easily integrated into my life. He repatterns the body. After three years of extensive body work; rolfing, deep tissue massage, chiropractic, pilates, and physical therapy, MY BODY HAS NEVER FELT SO FREE. I have relief. I know where my shoulders should be... and how to get there. David is a gentle genius. His work is tailor made to my body and there is never ever a drudgery to doing the work. WOW and bravo to David.

Wesley S., Actor

Working with David has been like finding a hidden door to physical well-being that I could never see before. With David's vast knowledge and understanding of how the human body really functions--and in particular my aging human body--he has led me through that door, and I will never turn back. In only a few months my body already feels 15 years younger, with a lot of long-standing muscular tension and discomfort now all but banished. And since my head resides in that body, it is better too! Thank God for David. If you are contemplating something like this, don't even think about! Just go.

John Haley, Lawyer

In the yoga and pilates world, new flavors come and go, but David Fink has staying power because he's one of the few teachers I found that have enormous knowledge about the human body, how it works and how it affects our emotions and well being. He's intelligent, intuitive and funny. Working with him is challenging, but loads of fun. He does house calls, too. You can't beat that.

Kathleen Kiley, Writer and Filmmaker


 It is not one shape,
 nor one movement, nor one way of moving,
 not one prayer, not one moment,
 not even the time between moments;
 it is not what begins, not what ends,
 it is only what is at its own
 secret unnamable peace
 with what was and what will be.
 It is the blessing that blesses itself,
 even when we are not looking.
 as I send you on your own way.